Ditch the Parmesan, Make Every Bite Count with NOOCH IT!

In my quest to make nutritious, wholesome meals for my family, I had never given much thought to the parmesan cheese sprinkled on our chickpea pasta, homemade pizza, freshly popped popcorn and well, you get the idea.  In my mind, I was making bites count with some awesome food swaps, but our meals were taken to a whole new nutritional level when I stumbled upon NOOCH IT!.

NOOCH IT! is a plant based alternative to parmesan cheese that boast an ingredient list of cashews, nutritional yeast, brown rice flour, garlic powder, hemp seeds and sea salt.  All of the ingredients are organic with the garlic being grown in the United States and the cashews are Fair Trade.  As if that wasn’t enough, NOOCH IT! is gluten free, vegan and 100% organic!


This dairy and lactose free “cheezy” topping has no artificial coloring or preservatives.  Uprise Foods is the maker of this new to the market product.  They are based in the Boston area and Uprise is an independent, family owned, plant based company that believes in ingredient transparency as well as the idea of “we are what we eat”.  I fully agree with their philosophy that food is medicine but should also taste good.  With these ideas in mind, and after a full year of development, NOOCH IT! has hit the market thanks to UPrise founder, Ben Taylor.

I was a little nervous making the switch to NOOCH IT! only because you never know how kids will react to new foods.  I decided I’d offer it for the first time on my kids favorite night of the week, Friday.  Every Friday, we do a make your own pizza night and I thought that was the perfect opportunity to NOOCH IT!.  The reactions from my children were not only in favor of NOOCH IT!, but my oldest declared, “It tastes better than parmesan!” Since then, we’ve added NOOCH IT! to eggs, soup, pasta, popcorn and even roasted potatoes with the taste and added nutrition making everyone happy.

Each ingredient has health benefits and the flavors go together beautifully.  The nutritional yeast gives you that cheesy flavor you’d expect from parmesan but adds in the benefit of B-complex vitamins that turn food into fuel.  The garlic comes through but isn’t too strong and adds in vitamins C and B6 as well as manganese, selenium and other antioxidants.  Cashews, which are my favorite nut, yes I have a favorite nut, are a nutritional powerhouse that boosts the immune system, helps maintain bone health and more! Brown rice flour is high in fiber as well as protein.  The hemp seeds give a bit of a nutty flavor and are an excellent source of essential fatty acids.  I could go on and on about the health benefits of each ingredient but those are just some highlights.


I can honestly say I’m giddy about NOOCH IT!, but I can’t help it because when my kids love the taste and I love the benefits and ingredient list, this momma is all smiles! And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, we now sing “Just NOOCH IT!” to the tune of Michael Jackson’s “Beat It”, so your welcome if that gets stuck in your head!

I really hope you’ll think about making the transition to NOOCH IT! or at least give it a try.  It’s so important to support companies like UPrise Foods that are committed to being quality, plant based products to the market that are loaded with nutritional value.  NOOCH IT! can be bought directly through the Uprise website by clicking here or through Amazon.  If buying through their website, you can use the coupon code “maketimemom” to receive $1 off each bottle from your first order.  They hope to be in stores nationwide in the near future but in the meantime, feel free to put in a store request!

I’d love to know if you plan on trying NOOCH IT! and if so, I would love to hear your feedback!!!!


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